In Appreciation of Czech Music

The rabbit hole of Czech music gets wider and more complex the deeper I go, and the innumerable treasures to be found in its labyrinth are largely underappreciated, especially abroad. With this site/blog, I hope to bring you some of the gems I'm discovering in my own research.


Czech Metal 1990-2019: My Favorites

I first really decide to dive deep into Czech metal near the beginning of 2020, which meant I had a TON of research to do before I could...

Amazing GRACE: Melodeath Melodrama?

I have to start with writing actual posts at some point. My natural bent as a researcher is towards being a completist, and my tendency...

The Blog in My Own Eye

I'm not a blogger. I don't read blogs, either. Most of them seem like a waste of cyberspace. As the saying goes, "Never before have so...




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